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Both descending from music loving family's we were bound to work in the music business.

Nathan learned to repair wind instruments in one of the biggest workshops in Holland. After having learned this beautiful profession we decided to set up our own workshop in Friesland. To extend our knowledge and skills we both went to England several times to follow extensive courses at the Malden School of Musical Instrument Repairs in Wales. With this newly learned craftsmanship we set up our workshop in an old farmhouse in the early 1990's.

In only a few years we achieved quit a reputation in the whole of Europe. Our customers ranged from absolute beginners up to well known international professionals giving us their highest appreciation for our fine craftsmanship, passion for musical instruments and our coffee with cake.

We repaired both Woodwind and Brass instruments. But over the years we specialised into Saxophone repairs. Furthermore we were also the sole importer for Benedikt Eppelsheim Blasinstrumente from Munich Germany and Inderbinen Blasinstrumente from Arau Switzerland. We also developed professional flutes which were highly appreciated internationally.

In 2015 we decided to follow our hearts and switched from all wind instruments to repairing only saxophones. Thus beginning a new era in our careers and perfecting our lifetime passion ... Saxophones !   New in 2018: On request we also repair Bb/A Clarinets and Flutes.

Nathan is an active Conductor, Composer, Arranger and Saxophone teacher. Our goal is not only repairing Saxophones but also to promote Saxophone music in general for enthusiasts from all ages and all levels. From Barok to Blues and from Churchmusic to Classic Rock.

You can contact us in German, English, Dutch and of course in our native Friesian language.

Our cosy "saxophon værkstad" is open only by appointment and not on Sundays. You can contact us by email: topklank@gmail.com